About MúzeumCafé

MúzeumCafé is the only nationally distributed printed periodical of the Hungarian museum profession. Its founder and publisher, the Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest, established it with the aim of creating a forum for the museum profession in Hungary, as well as providing the public interested in museums and exhibitions with an insight into the events that take place in and around museums, both in Hungary and abroad, their achievements and endeavours. The magazine reports on events in the Hungarian and international museum world. It introduces exhibition venues and specialists working in museums, within and beyond Hungary’s borders, and at the same time creates a forum for the latter to present their reports and describe their activities. At the same time, it also strives to appeal, both in its content and design, to everyone interested in museums, exhibitions, their background and
hidden secrets. For the benefit of non-Hungarian readers, a summary of each published article is provided in English.

Emőke Gréczi is the editor-in-chief of ARTnews.