Painters, writers and actors meet paintings

Rebirth of masterpieces in the Museum of Fine Arts

MúzeumCafé 37.

Art, literature and theatre in one: twelve famous paintings in the Museum of Fine Arts come to life in theatre performances with the project Ganymed goes Europe. The theatre group Wenn es soweit ist (When the Time has Come) is staging works by writers such as Péter Esterházy, György Dragomán, Krisztina Tóth and Krisztián Grecsó. Visitors can frequently see theatre performances in special locations, often in museums. That is not surprising since museum spaces have a special atmosphere. In this case, however, the Museum of Fine Arts is not just providing the setting. Jacqueline Kornmüller and Peter Wolf of the theatre group have asked 12 Hungarian and foreign authors to create literary texts relating to paintings held by the museum. The pieces presented by the performers in front of the paintings can be seen on seven occasions in October and November this year. The performances of a few minutes will be presented simultaneously and repeatedly. The project started under the title Ganymed Boarding in Vienna’s Kunsthistorisches Museum in 2009. The directors of the company in cooperation with the museum’s staff staged the evenings consisting of 16 plays on a total of seven occasions. The project won several prestigious awards. Motivated by the success, the organisers decided to take the production to other countries in Europe. Having gained support from the European Union, they finally selected the National Museum in Wrocław and the Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest. As a result the original title changed to Ganymed goes Europe, which now consists of three events. The first was held in Wrocław in spring this year, the second is being staged in Budapest in the autumn and the third will be again presented in Vienna in the spring of 2014.