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Renewal of the Nádasdy Ferenc Museum in Sárvár

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The Nádasdy Ferenc Museum in Sárvár passed into the hands of the town on 1 January 2013. With this a major change has occurred, both for the museum and, indeed, for the entire life of Sárvár. What does it mean for the museum? Most importantly, for example, a transparent budget and no constant travelling for consultations. Instead there is a well functioning management with many continuously developing, realisable plans looking ahead to the next 20 years. Construction of the local castle began at the end of the 13th century, though it reached its final form in the mid 17th century during the time of Ferenc Nádasdy III, when the tower and the palace wings were joined, creating at the same time a ceremonial hall which has survived difficult times almost intact and is still marvellous today. Nádasdy had it constructed such that it would be suitable for receptions of the highest political circles. Although the museum has a huge furniture collection, for many Sárvár Castle rather calls to mind its Hussar exhibition, which has belonged to the institute since 1983. Within that there is also a Bavarian collection with items from the period 1875-1945. The last king of Bavaria, Louis III, lived here with his family right up to 1945. His ceremonial and functional objects are displayed in two halls. Of special interest is that when the family left Sárvár in 1945 some silver and porcelain items were walled up in a corner of the castle. These came to light in 1952 during the course of renovation work and then became part of the museum’s permanent exhibition. Today everything in the castle with its 1300 sq. metres of exhibition space can be accessed with just one ticket, though for the future there are plans to divide the space between one area for permanent and another for temporary exhibitions.