Social media as today’s folk art

Zoltán Pallag, new social media manager at the King Saint Stephen Museum

MúzeumCafé 45.

Zoltán Pallag is a poet, writer, student of archaeology, journalist, former editor of the literary journal Árgus, founder of the online literary paper, critic and initiator of sensitive interviews. He recently became the social media manager of the King Saint Stephen Museum in Székesfehérvár. It’s an exciting situation in terms of future possibilities. He is starting afresh with his job while again in his first year at Budapest’s ELTE University. He manages his day, has put an end to night outs and gets up early in the morning so he can start working and studying with a clear head. Analysing the past could and perhaps should be avoided, yet his life is an open book. Professional issues concerning museums can be discussed, but you can talk about everything with him, since he regards this type of transparency as fundamental for the museum’s communication. Zoltán Pallag was first admitted to study archaeology at ELTE in 1999, then for the second time in 2001. In 2002 he began courses on archaeology, Turkish and Mongolian, three major subjects simultaneously. He could not continue in 2004 but carried on with archaeology in 2014. Since the early years of the 21st century he has been involved with issues of the new museology, particularly the role of a museum in the today’s world. Later as the editor of’s Kunsztblog about visual culture he wrote a lot about museums and exhibitions. As a social media manager at the museum he is in charge of press relations, designing the museum’s new website and the museum’s presence on online social media sites. He also edits the museum’s blog. Besides working in the museum and studying archaeology, he is also writing a book with the provisional title How to Live. He is hoping to work for the museum on the long term.