Where the spirit of Great Bihar Land watches over

The Bihar Museum in Berettyóújfalu is Museum of the Year 2014

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The Bihar Museum, which was founded in 1974, moved to the former building of the Berettyó-újfalu Town Hall in 2001. During 2015 the museum’s endeavour of several decades has received significant recognition, since in addition to two special ministerial rewards it has been able to display the ‘Museum of the Year 2014’ plaque on its wall since spring. 2014 was a special year for the museum in several respects. It celebrated the 40th anniversary of its foundation, and its model project whereby the museum could pursue its cultural mission throughout the whole administrative district ended last year. It managed to reach all the small village museums of the district using the eight million forints of the model project. Besides organising educational sessions and thematic clubs, it also undertook the professional supervision of the institutes. It contributed to the local projects with research, collecting, taking inventories and staging exhibitions. The mutual cooperation between the museum and the small village collections has not ceased and con-tinues to function successfully. It may have been the model project as an extra which ensured that the Bihar Museum would win the prize. At the same time, 2014 was the last year when it could enter for the award purely as a museum, because from October 2014 the merged Bihar Museum and the SinkaIstván Town Library have performed public educational tasks for the town. Besides its work as a museum, its duties include organising all the events in the town, such as on national holidays and memorial days, and participating in public educational projects. Berettyóújfalu is proud of the achievements and supports the museum, particularly in view of the fact that, following county funding, the museum has been managed financially by the town.