“There’s a certain contempt shown towards military history on the part of historical science”

Róbert Hermann, scientific deputy head of the Military History Institute and Museum

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Even for the public the name Róbert Hermann is primarily connected with the Hungarian Revolution and War of Independence of 1848–49. In the profession he is regarded as the most outstanding specialist on the military history of that period. His activities are extremely wide-ranging – he is a museum specialist, writer, editor and collector, and he is the author of numerous articles, studies and books. Many awards show that his work is recognised at the highest level. His writings combine the strictest scholarship and entertaining information, and are simultaneously scientific, precise, enjoyable and interesting. Exhibitions he has organised also reflect this mix. Hermann graduated from ELTE in 1987 and began working in the Military Research Department of the Military History Institute. In 2000 he became its director and in 2003 went to Vienna to the museum’s military history branch archive, which he headed. After returning home, from 2008 he was the editorial director of Military History Bulletin. Róbert Hermann attended primary and grammar school in Székesfehérvár. He went to ELTE in 1982 and since 1987 he has worked in the Military History Institute, from which he has always received the maximum support. In 1995 he defended his dissertation. In 2009, on the 160th anniversary of the battle of Kápolna during the War of Independence, he defended his doctoral dissertation for the Academy, Kossuth’s Army and Kossuth’s Commanders. He is currently among the ten people who have worked in the Institute the longest. He has become attached to the Institute, despite the existence of a feeling that there’s a certain contempt shown towards military history on the part of historical science.